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Global Classrooms Mentor Teachers

Global Classrooms Mentor Teachers are educators who participate fully in the Global Classrooms program while mentoring a cohort of students in the future teachers program.  Global Classrooms mentor teachers are fully committed to equipping and empowering future teachers while fostering an experiential learning environment for the students in the Future Teachers program

What's Involved?

As a Global Classrooms Mentor Teacher, you will participate fully in the Global Classrooms program with in your own classroom while mentoring students in high school and college who want to become teachers.  You will travel to Senegal with your cohort and meet with them once per month.  Cohort students who are local will help in your classroom at least twice per month.

Travel to Senegal

This program takes place over one school year with a trip to Senegal with your cohort of up to 10 16-21 year old students who are interested in becoming teachers. As a mentor teacher in the program, all of your travel expenses will be paid.


As a mentor teacher, you will receive a $2000 stipend per cohort.

Professional Development

You will receive all professional development for the entire Global Classrooms program as a mentor teacher.  You also have the option of receiving up to 6 graduate credits.

Curriculum Materials and technology

As a Global Classrooms teacher you will receive all of the curriculum materials and technology for conducting the program in your classroom!

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