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Student travel program chaperones are responsible for the safety and well-being of our students while participating in our Global Citizenship Immersion Programs and Student Globetrotter Programs. We have three types of chaperones:
1. Airplane Chaperone - The airplane chaperone is in charge of students during air travel. These are the requirements to be an airplane chaperone:
- Must be at least 21 years old.
- Must be in good physical and mental health
- Responsible for the students during air travel- including responsibility for student safety and well-being in the airports.
- Assisting students in getting through customs and immigration.
- Stay in Europe and fly home with a student in case of illness, emergency, or misconduct dismissal from the program.
- Speak French or Spanish
- Must be in good physical and mental health.

2. Program Chaperone
- Assist students in getting through customs and integration.
- Speak fluent French or Spanish
- Follow the direction of the program director
- Bring disciplinary issues to the attention of the program director.
- Ride to and from the area of destination with the students by means of transportation unless prior arrangements have been made and prior approval has been given by the program director.
- Carry a list of students and their parents and/or host family contact information at all times.
- For international travel, carry student travel documents at all times.
- Be responsible for the safety and assistance of those students who are assigned to their charge and be aware of student whereabouts at all times.
- Chaperones must conduct regular headcounts and roll calls of passengers prior to departure and upon arrival.
- Abstain from the use of illegal drugs and tobacco products.
- Model appropriate verbal and physical conduct.
- Attend to the needs of students in an emergency situations.
- Chaperones will not have any inappropriate verbal or physical interactions with students or with each other.
- Chaperones will conduct themselves in an appropriate manner in front of students and act responsibly in this role.
- Chaperones will be required to follow and abide by the same code of conduct as students

Travel Lead- The travel lead is in charge of the chaperone team during travel. Responsibilities are the same as the chaperones with the following additional responsibilities:
- Must be extremely organized and communicative with families
- Must speak fluent Spanish or French
- Must have travel experience.
- Being the liaison between program in Spain and students
- Keeping parents up to date
- Ensuring the safety and well being of all the participants on the program


  • Must be at least 21 years of age.

  • Must speak French or Spanish fluently.

  • Must have travel experience outside of North America.

  • Must have experience working with youth- priority will be given to those who have worked with middle and high schoolers.

  • Priority will be given to language teachers or language education college/graduate students in their last two years of study.

About the Company

Student travel program chaperone positions are volunteer positions. Student travel program chaperones have all of their travel expenses paid and in most cases receive a per week meal stipend. They also have the opportunity to participate in our teacher programs at our partner schools during student programs at a significantly discounted tuition cost.

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