Teachers Matter-
Adopt a Teacher 


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Donate to Adopt a Teacher

Your donation will go to directly support a teacher.


Thank you for your donation!

Teachers matter!  When teachers have what they need students thrive!

Teachers do more than impart knowledge.  They create safe learning environments, impart life skills, mentor students, and inspire new generations. 

Teachers shape the generations of the future!

Unfortunately, teachers are being asked to sacrifice more of themselves without being given the tools and resources they need to serve our children.  

We cannot expect teachers to give children what they don't have.  Teachers are consistently forced to take their personal time and pay for much-needed and required professional development out of their own pockets. Further, in many districts teachers are required to pay for their own substitute teachers to engage in professional activities during contracted time.

It is time this stops.  By participating in the adopt a teacher campaign, you are helping us give teachers the much-needed financial support and resources they need to best serve our students.  You are saving the teaching profession.  

Thank you for being a champion for teachers.

We use donations from the "Adopt a Teacher" campaign to gift teachers with much-needed funds for professional development programs, offer scholarships for our Global Classrooms and International collaborative inquiry programs, and help them offset the cost of paying for substitute teachers so they can engage in professional activities during designated, contracted time.  We also use this money to help teachers purchase supplies.

You can also donate to our 10 specific teachers who are eligible for grants in February and March by contributing to our Feb/March Campaign.  Simply click on a day, and your d